I once read that lamps are like jewelry for your room. I love that analogy, because whose eye isn’t caught by a spectacular piece of jewelry?

Style: When purchasing lamps for your space, first take into consideration the overall style of your room, and look for lamps that complement that style. Just as is true with furniture, mixing different styles is completely acceptable, and in fact, often adds more visual interest to the space. There’s no rule that says all of your lamps shades must be the same, or that the finishes must be identical!

On the flip size, matching pairs and styles can be appropriate as well, depending on the overall style of the room. If your room, for instance, is very modern, it would make sense to use modern lamps.

Size: Make sure your lamps are sized appropriately for the location. An over-sized, bulky lamp will look out of place perched on a small or narrow end table, just as a very small lamp would look disproportionate in a large room or sitting in the center of a very large table.

Don’t let an ugly, outdated, or improperly-sized lamp ruin the visual appeal of your room!  While lamps are typically not the focal point of a room, they should add just the right finishing touch, as well as serve their function well. Have fun with your lamp selection, and remember, they aren’t a permanent fixture!